Artist Year Album Label Contribution
Tyrone Fredericks Jr. Quartet  2006  Moving to    piano
She  2006   Animal  Big Barn Records  piano, rhodes, organ, clavinet
Iron City  2009  Sparks  CArlo Music  Hammond organ
Iron City  2011  The Business  CArlo Music  Hammond organ, composer
Tap Room Trio  2011  Live in Time    Hammond organ, arranger, producer, composer
Greg Kettinger Trio 2016 Could it be   Hammond organ
Jeannette Berry and the Soul Nerds 2018 Allegiance to love   piano, Rhodes, Hammond organ, composer
Matt Galletti Band 2019 It's happening   Hammond organ, electric piano, composer
Bryan Tuk Complex 2019 Life in high gravity   piano, Hammond organ
Dave Mattock 2020 (TBD) Funktap   Hammond organ, arranger, producer, composer