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Original funk jazz featuring Dave Mattock on Hammond organ, Jason Herrmann on guitar, and Josh Orlando on drums. All compositions by Dave Mattock

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    Crush 6:48
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    Pac 5:57
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    Gio 5:41
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    Lubec 7:30

I love many forms of music, but the one I love the most is jazz played in the tradition of the Hammond organ trio. Consisting of Hammond organ, drums and guitar, to me it's the simplest and yet most powerful jazz idiom. The music straddles that world between hard core bebop and accessible pop music comfortably,  and when played properly uses the strengths of both genres without ever succumbing to their weaknesses. The Tap Room Trio is my contribution to the world of Hammond organ jazz, and is where you'll see me at my most content musically. The band has been playing since 2005, and has had many subs join in the fun during that time, but the original members (and when I can get them out of their busy schedules, current members) are Matt Smallcomb on drums and Jason Klinke on guitar. Other notable subs we've had include Greg Kettinger and Dan Hanrahan on guitar, Josh Orlando and Frank Gattis on drums, and Tyrone Fredericks Jr. on tenor sax. There was even a time when we added six horns to the trio to create the Tap Room Nine, a variation of the traditional mini big band. Overall this band continues to pump out great music on a regular basis and can be seen in many different venues throughout the Philadelphia area. We also love to travel and have spent time traveling through New England, the southern shores of MD and DE, and even did a one nighter in Kansas. No matter where we are, whether we are playing funk, straight ahead, latin, or the blues, you can always expect us to play with everything we've got and to play pure, honest music.

For more info and to buy our last two albums, Funktap, and Live in Time, please visit